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About us


Accelerate doctor patient communication to increase the chances of obtaining a faster and more precise diagnosis.


Empower patients to have their medical data easily available for independent management, emergency situations, and global second opinions.



We believe that the patient is the right owner of his health information and has the right to decide what data, with whom and in which situation he/she wants to share.


Our story

“Born from personal experiences, GlobePatient and GlobePerson emerged as a powerful vision to bridge gaps in healthcare communication. Imagine sitting in an emergency room next to a loved one in pain, unable to answer crucial health questions. This frustration led to the realization that nothing in the world could replace the people we care about. Despite challenges like increasing patient numbers, chronic diseases, and language barriers, our solutions strive to provide a holistic view of patients’ health. Integrating Electronic Health/Medical Record (EHR/EMR) systems across countries, languages, and medication names remains a hurdle, but GlobePatient and GlobePerson are committed to ensuring that health concerns are heard, understood, and addressed effectively. Today, GlobePatient goes beyond software—it’s a commitment to empower every patient, regardless of their origin or language. Join us on this journey as we continue to innovate and transform the world of healthcare communication. Welcome to GlobePatient - where every voice matters, in every language.”

Reviews from Users


Feedback from our work is priceless, we love it.

Big potential to automate clinics that are running taking notes on paper: no “painful” migration process, possibility to obtain traction in the market and expand to the world with the expats working abroad

- Vijayasri, MsC (India)

Easy and Friendly system that the patient likes, saves in mean time, 10 minutes each patient consultation, compared to the time spent in average without the system. There is less delay in the appointment and less claims from the patient for the delay in MD consulatation

- Dr.Emílio M (doctor Brazil / Japan)

It can be a challenge when patients lack medical records, and that it becomes like trying to put together a puzzle when

information is missing.

The paramedic did highlight the possible value later on “in the chain”, if the patient is going to be admitted to the hospital for example”.

- Leap For Life Innovation Hub (Sweden)

We are part of a globalized world and according to the Danish Board of Health more than half of migrant minorities in Denmark suffer significantly poorer physical and mental health than ethnic Danes.

It is of high relevance to be able to perform healthcare communication without any constraints caused by language.

- Market Entry Test (Denmark)

Having my report, I feel more secure in case of any illness. It is a complete report, with all my history of pathologies, surgeries, allergies, and medical contacts in Portuguese and English. I take around 15 medications, it is essential to name them since the combination with other drugs may affect my health

- Liége (patient Brazil)

I needed an urgent surgery while on a business trip to Poland. Despite having the best travel medical insurance, I had to answer to a questionnaire in Polish together with a translator, and when released from the hospital received a report in Polish. I needed it either in English or Japanese, to be able to provide for the continuation of care in Japan where I live.

- Patricia (patient - University professor  (Japan / USA)